Rainwater collection systems

HydroTank rainwater collection tanks are a system of tanks made of high quality polyethylene, which is environmentally friendly, durable, and resistant to sunlight. Thanks to the opaque material, the water does not heat up, which prevents unpleasant algae growth.

There are two kinds of tanks to collect rainwater; overground and underground tanks.

Overground tanks are perfect in spring – autumn season. They should be installed on a stable surface in the garage or in the basement (in a room where the temperature does not fall below 0°C). To save space in the room, there is a possibility to connect additional tanks by using hydraulic hoses, which allows to increase the volume, with no significant space loss. It’s possible thanks to the four terminals in each tank. Each battery has a set of connectors, an inspection cap, flow tube, pump thread, vertical pipe, profile for increased stability and an inlet to fill the tank with mains water.

Collectors and special filters on the downpipes are essential elements of each installation (system).The water can be used for domestic purposes or to water the garden.

Underground tanks are positioned near the house. Depending on the level of the groundwater we can choose from two types of tanks. For some time now, we haven’t been using concrete tanks, due to their weight and poor water quality. Scientific studies have demonstrated that polyethylene tanks, thanks to their smooth surface, prevent dirt from adhering to the substrate, and the corrosion risk has been significantly reduced, which improves water quality.

Thanks to the lightweight, telescopic design, rainwater tank is extremely stable, resistant and easy to install. It can be placed in specific surface area of clays, or even in groundwater. Each tank is equipped with a lid and standpipe extensions.