Drinking water storage tanks

Our drinking water storage tanks are made of hot-dip galvanized steel panels with dimensions of 2500×1250 mm thickness. The first ring of panels is twisted at the stage of pouring the foundation to provide a solid attachment. Its carrier construction is made of steel panels of a minimum thickness of 2,5 mm twisted vertical single or double row of bolts of strength class 8.8.. It’s insulated with mineral wool of 100 mm, supported with a profiled trapezoidal sheet in different RAL – color. The tank is sealed with polyurethane adhesive and Sikaflex sealant, which provides a strong, waterproof and flexible combination of all joints in the tank. It has the NIH (National Institute of Hygiene) certificate, which is necessary in case of materials and products used in contact with drinking water.

Constructing technological pipelines of the tank:

  • filling pipeline
  • suction ports
  • blowdown connection with a valve that supports water drainage;
  • overflow pipe for efficient drainage of excess water;
  • ladder with galvanized steel elements;
  • inspection hatches;
  • platform with protective barrier;