The HydroTank Company

Fire – fighting water tanks, drinking water storage tanks oraz fire protectionsare the main activity areas of HydroTank. We are dealing with delivery and installation of the steel above ground tanks and drinking water storage tanks, tailored to the customer’s needs. In order to ensure the highest quality of our services, we provide comprehensive Project of fire-fighting water tanks, drinking water storage tanks, which include strength calculations and detailed drawings. Thanks to the cooperation with fire protection specialists, we offer our assistance in in selecting appropriate and most effective fire protection solutions for a given object.

The company’s dynamic development resulted in confidence among our customers and business partners. Thanks to the high quality of our services and products, we continually develop and enhance our skills in the field of innovative solutions and technologies We employ qualified staff with the appropriate skills and experience to ensure high quality of our work and services in fire protection, proper fit and installation of fire-fighting water tanks and drinking water storage tanks. Qualifications of our employees and the solid equipment base as well as high quality materials, efficient solutions, reliability and individual approach to every single order ensure trust of satisfied customers. We guarantee our professionalism and short lead time. During the execution of various stages of the project, delivery and installation, we remain in regular contact with you, and further modifications are not excluded.

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